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An activity that's fun for all ages and abilities

Disc Golf is

Easy to pick up

The basics are easy to understand and there will be coaches on hand to show you the basics at most events

Fun for all ages

People of all ages can enjoy disc golf and you can have a great time even if you're not sporty or athletic


You only need one disc to start playing and they will be available to hire or borrow at most events 

What is Discover Disc Golf?

New Players

Newcomers to the sport will be encouraged to "give disc golf a spin!" at our events

Events across the UK

Grassroots beginner friendly events hosted across the UK. Head to our EVENTS PAGE to find one near you

Encouraging Diversity

The aim is to grow the sport while reaching out to new communities of players.

Enable everyone to enjoy the benefits that playing disc golf brings

A beginners Guide to disc golf and other handy info: 

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Zaki Naqvi. British Disc Golf Open MA2 Champion and member of the BDGA's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee (DEIC)  

About Discover Disc Golf

DDG has been set up by the British Disc Golf Association (BDGA) 's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee (DEIC). The aim of Discover Disc Golf is to grow the sport while reaching out to new communities of players, creating a more diverse player base and a sport truly available to all.


Are you a club or organisation who would like to put on an event?  

There is help, support and advice available. Please get in touch.


Below we will publish Discover Disc Golf newcomer events.

Find one near you and register your interest with the organisers.


More events will follow soon

If there are no events in your area but you are keen to give disc golf a try, you can find your nearest course on the Where can I Play? section of the What Is Disc Golf? page.



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